How it started

In 2016 a client walked into my lingerie shop
3 weeks postpartum. She had a wedding coming up and her standard bra was not cutting it for her fitted evening gown.

Since I was skilled with a sewing machine, I got tinkering; reshaping old bras to do new tricks. I realized I had made something totally innovative. Bras with more support for women with larger cup sizes. After all, bras should fit us — we shouldn’t have to fit the bras!

As a small, female-owned business, we’re challenging the intimate apparel industry with honest, gimmick-free solutions that go beyond A-D cups. We’ve crafted bras with special patent pending features for support, security, and comfort—so that every woman, in any season of life, can look (and feel!) her best.

Our Mission

We believe that women with larger cup sizes shouldn’t compromise on what they can and cannot wear. That’s why we make bras that harness fabric technology to offer that perfect, curve-enhancing lift or minimizing support to make every dream dress possible.

You can’t get that from a basic bra, but we’re not here to make basic bras: We commit to creating high-quality, thoughtfully designed solutions that actually do what you need
them to do.

Our Products

Minimize + Lift

Our evolving collection is designed to take women with larger cup sizes through every season of life with grace, comfort and confidence. Patent pending fabric technology offers unparalleled bra support, full coverage, and bustline minimizing solutions.
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